The Story Behind Joy to the World

Vinny is 15 years old. With long hair and looks of a poet. Charming to all. Lost in his thoughts. Sitting with a laptop and surfing for music on YouTube. With some efforts a basic toy guitar was bought. Vinny, from nowhere was intensely involved with this newly found attraction. With no formal training, how did he learn guitar, many of us don’t understand. Some sweet and harsh sounds were heard from his room. Some friends were also generally in his room. Loud laughter and teen age giggle did irritate others in family. Asked where he learns, “computer”, Dad, he replied. Computer, how could it teach you guitar. Simple, very simple,” go to YouTube and type learn guitar. You will get tired of seeing too many Clips. “Can you show me how it happens? We both were watching a video, where the player was teaching how to hold Guitar and the different parts of it. The internet is reaching every house and person. The discovery of html has done real revolution. World has become a one room house. Can we actually get hang of what could happen in next 50 years? How things became too different? Shopping, music and information all on internet. Many unpleasant things are also happening on internet. It is not time to talk of bad things. A mother and her daughter, conversing over internet as they are in a room, in reality they are several thousand kilometers apart.

Vinny hates school. He hated walls of school. He is happy playing cricket and playing guitar. “Dad, I do not like to sit in class room and listen to the teachers”, he will say without any feelings. “But if you do not study what will you do in your life”, Dad would consult with him. Vinny will look serious.” If you want I can try, but it is not going to work”, he said with face down. Both hands fingers were locked and shoes were tapping.” But what is the use, if teachers keep becoming upset with me. They punish me by asking me to stand on the chair or at the class room gate. I am not a child anymore.” He said lost in thoughts. Is there something wrong somewhere? Is it wrong with Vinny? Is it wrong with his parents or family? Is it wrong with the schools or teachers? It is a common dilemma in most families if not all. Given choice, probably all of us will spend time with butterfly, sea waves and rainbows. Majority of thinkers have taken sides of child. They have expressed serious doubts that our present education is of any worth. Will it ever be possible to know what are we born for? Is there some way to find out what is best for us? Generally most schools teach us how to be smart and aspire for name and fame. It puts great emphasis on making money and gathering material wealth. These things by past standards were with the kings, professionals, business men and of course with the criminals. Ordinary people were always to simply live in limited means. Usually, very limited. Children with high academic gifts will occupy jobs with higher material gains. Other will satisfy with less attractive jobs.

This age is unique. Internet, Sports, music and off the beat disciplines are in abundance. Here, one can live a life equal or even better than traditional stream. It is multiply fast.Completely unheard of opportunities are coming up. Boys and girls both are marching forward towards economic self reliance.. Both sexes are equal is finally established. No argument will stand now in the path of advancement of women. A college degree is no longer indispensable for a fulfilling career. Today a photographer and press journalist enjoy freedom and a respectable living. I am aware, there will be exceptions. Interference of politics and market forces are deciding the directions. Even in this, people with talents are finding space for their growth. Fields like fashion, music and cricket and football provide far more than any old time professions can. It is time of redefining intelligence and work. Getting 99 out of 100 in exams is no more deciding factor for the carrier. Creativity, energy and passion define the work. The orthodox steel frame of education made more neurotics than happy human beings. More and more openings are now available where almost all of us have something to contribute. Each human being is important and his like and dislike are to be respected. The wind of change is blowing in all directions. Sadly, we still have pockets of land where freedom of expression and vocation is decided by the rulers and ideologies. It is also a fact that even in free countries, people and class exist which would be happy if people were to act in a fashion which hinder creation of free human beings. Free thinking has been replaced by fanatic and fundamentalism. There is alarming surge in violence by the followers in the name of justice and establishing kingdom of moral values. The sudden increase in the destructive and divisive forces is threatening the fabric of our survival.

Who gains if children leave schools? They leave schools because their classroom is the whole world. B It’s loss of humanity if they do not nurture the musician or artist in him. World over, there is acceptance of the fact that each child is unique and has special needs. Breakthroughs are made by pioneers in the field of how a child is helped in growing a human being free, unbiased and fearless. Tools and methodologies are now available to assist children and parents to adopt more child friendly approaches. Flagging, thrashing and spanking are now taboo. These are totally unacceptable in our world. Scolding, belittling the act of a child is inhuman. There is no need for Vinny and his parents if he did not do well in the school. The internet will help him learn as much faster pace. Bad things and very things exist on the net. But do they not exist in schools and religious institutions? Are we not listening stories of most spiteful act taking place to hurt the childhood. It is not say that schools are not important. In my opinion, early childhood is extremely crucial in the formation of future human beings. Foundation is here. May be soon, we shall find out the latent inclinations and traits. But what can replace the mother’s care, and care of the family and home. Today parents are becoming conscious of these facts. Some are making great sacrifices for the upbringing of their children.

My dear Vinny,
I remember you cried when the results were declared. On your face was the feeling of failure and undone. Teacher also said,” What else you had expected? You are a good guitar player. But that’s not enough. Soon you will be big and then guitar will not help.” You also believed in him and felt doomed. Then a film ran in your thoughts. The film had Scorpions playing, Jackson singing Sachin playing cricket, Mr. Beans celebrating Christmas and of course Stephen Hawking. I remember once you said Hawking must be God. How else he could travel to galaxies far, far away. No one can decide for you. If it makes you so happy that you see Whole world happy with you. You also see the God few feet away smiling and sending out smiles all over. You are already there. When you are famous and big, can you do small work for me? On the street, or lane you will see some children picking rags and empty cans of cold drinks. Call them together and sing a song of Hope. If you can visit their families and sing a song and play some music, give them message of love and hope. No one should ever give up. Its, not giving up that pulls the forces of change. It waits on. Just a call away. Its arms are around each one of us I am absolutely sure that no one is ever deserted. Great Company is always with us. Growing agreement on this reality is now global. They are definite that Great Company is always with us. Lean on it, sleep in its laps, kiss it and tell a joke and sing a song or only play music. The Forces of care are always there.

Its no secret that our understanding of world is based on what we see, hear perceive. So much of distrust and hate is filled in our minds that it becomes impossible to unwind it. So much fear and doubts are filled in our hearts that nothing can remove it. These are reinforced by media, parents and education. First time when I read Dale Carnegie’s books, it appeared that living the life was not that complicated after all. It can be fun. Some basic and simple principles are there to understand. Rest unfolds itself. Why has our school and college education failed in providing basic rules of living the life. Why our religions have have not been able to lead us to a simple and straight answers. Why are all answers so vague and conflicting? If I am right in my estimates, the coming times are very fascinating. The internet and physics should remove all the difference of color, caste, sex and religion. Entire humanity will be simple one whole. Our differences and distances are illusions. In vast schemes of creation, our existence are merely is passing moment. If we could see ourselves in the electron microscope then we will see the fallacy of our beliefs. We will see how our existence is sustaining without any of our efforts. Everything has existed much before man and earth came into being. The knowledge system mankind has evolved is also cause of our destruction. Our waywardness is the natural outcome of our miss -interpretation of language of creation. The outcome is also closely knitted with the what we want to see. Tragic it may be, but we are not truly interested in real story. What we want is to fit our perception in the reference of modern knowledge. True learning will come from a mind which is unbiased and open to new realities.

Streetfighter Motorcycle Styles Around the World

The age-old question has been asked more and more lately. What defines a Fighter? Well, depending how many people you ask, you’ll typically get that many different answers. We’ll get the obvious out of the way. Sport oriented motorcycle removed of anything unnecessary to its function. Typically stripped of most bodywork, fitted with higher rise handlebars, smaller, lighter parts to reduce weight and as much performance mods as available to make it wicked fast. So now that we have the basic idea in our head, I’d like to expand on this view of how fighters are perceived around the world.

Let’s start with the motherland of Streetfighters. The grand old U.K. Home to Big Ben, Fish and Chips, Teatime and the Queen Mum. Some will argue it started back in the ’50’s with the Café racer. Some say true fighters begin in the early ’80’s with the bike messengers fighting London traffic and marring their fairings. Bike messengers don’t exactly make grand salaries so instead of replacing their war torn bodywork, they simply removed them.

The basic style has remained constant over the decades. Remove fairings, add flat bars, secure dual spot headlights, and kick up the tail. For the most part the styling has remained somewhat reserved. Swap your tail section for some more attractive OEM unit from another model. Some trick paint and polish. Maybe update the running gear for the latest and greatest in go fast hardware. To top it all off, we tear the motor out and either build some octane-snorting monster or replace it all together for the biggest fastest lump that will fit.

Some things never change. There has been some crossbreeding of the genres as of late. Longer lower bikes are starting to become more popular. Not exactly slammed but set for better launch control. Also, Paint has gotten more detailed with large murals and wild colors. The drag racing scene has more them likely brought on this new trend. But also we see some return to the old school with some retro styled Café fighters. Embracing history in a very positive way.

Next we move across the channel to Germany. Fast Luxury cars, Cold Beer, Hot Bratwurst and Lederhosen, huh!? OK, the later probably isn’t as prominent but it made you laugh right? Now here is a scene that pulls out all the stops. Mad amounts of Polish and Chrome, Extreme amounts of Custom Billet parts, Big Horsepower motors, Wild almost demonic bodywork, Fat Rubber and paint that jumps off the sheet metal.
Walking into a Fighter show here looks like a Candy colored Horror movie. Maybe Rob Zombie should have a look into this.

Maybe not the originators, but definitely innovators.

And here we can definitely start dissecting the genre. Here we can see a lot of unique ideas that started in this area, but there’s also some Euro Cruiser/ Chopper inspiration as well. Fork tube covers are becoming more present. These covers usually smooth out the front end to make more of a seamless tube from top to bottom. Some have even gone as far as to machine grooves and designs in them to add a little extra flash to the front of the bike. More influence from the custom scene is found in dressing up the cables with bright braided lines, cleaner shinier engine covers, Stylized billet grips, Hidden axle covers, integrated handlebar risers and clamps. The list goes on forever.

Their big claim to fame being the very exaggerated tail heights compounded by short tail lengths. And the crazy looking bodywork that has got the Fighter world wanting more. Very sculpted and aggressive looking. And going along with sculpture in motorcycles is some of the tank mods that look like they were pulled from scenes of a Friday the 13th movie.

Tire size seems to be getting wider and wider around the world, but instead of just focusing on the rear tire they are paying just as much attention to the front. Widening the front wheels to except rear tire widths. 180’s and 190 section tires matched with 240 and larger rears. Bringing a whole new look to the fat tire game.

Women In Texas Eye Extreme Sports As New Option

The world of extreme sports, traditionally a man’s world, is slowly opening up to women. In Texas, and the cities of Houston, Dallas and Austin, women are becoming increasingly interested in three of the six X-Game categories: speed climbing, wakeboarding and in-line skating. A group of women was also invited to demonstrate their talent in freestyle motocross and both vertical (or “vert”) and street skateboarding. Although the women showed they were capable of creating excitement in the audience with their feats, the money available to female competitors is still an issue in championship events.

At a recent Xbox World Championship of Skateboarding, for example, the top three male street skaters took home a total of $34,000, while the top three females took home $3,600.

While young women have participated in alternative and extreme sports from the very beginning, they have not been given the same recognition as their male colleagues, although many are doing their part to break through.

The category “alternative sports” may have been around for decades but only recently has it been called “extreme.” Publicity around the word “extreme” extends into the world of marketing, with the “extreme flavor” of a brand of chips or a drink being given “extreme taste.” For the industry, an extreme sport is defined as a “non-traditional sport that focuses on extreme and varying conditions, and challenges both the mental and physical abilities of its participants.”

While most extreme athletes average in their early 20s, some involved are much younger, even in their early teens.

It’s not necessarily the money that drives young women to compete. Another motivation is to break the stereotypes about men being the only ones out to get a rush of adrenaline. Despite having a love of extreme sports, young women competing in extreme sports seem to have accepted the fact that the money is not (yet) there for them. Sponsors now may pay entry fees, travel expenses and equipment, but the big money is still reserved for male competitors who often get paid by sponsors.

Part of the problem, observers say, is that extreme sports are driven by big business, the point being that if the industry doesn’t expect a large enough audience – – consumers ready and willing to buy the products — they don’t think its worth supporting the athletes. Others say the world of extreme sports has its share of sexism, with judging seemingly based on how women look rather than on their athletic ability.

Some women say they feel uncomfortable about the way skate magazines and images on the skate decks portray women. Advertising can also be an issue for some; clothing companies are known to hire models to wear the clothes in ads rather than the female athletes – – something observers say would not occur with men’s sporting apparel. That can create a problem when it comes to young girls choosing female athletes as role models: if they pick up a magazine, the only females they see are models skimpily dressed or in fashion photography, not competing.

Other women have taken the initiative, one being the founder of Chickabiddy, a surfing and snowboarding clothing company geared to women. Along with a line of women’s clothing, Chickabiddy sells a rash guard, a top worn during surfing to help prevent chaffing, and made especially for women’s bodies. Chickabiddy sponsors eight girls in both snowboarding and surfing, and also has a website for the “female action sports enthusiast.”

There are other people with the aims of Chickadiddy founders on the web, making the Internet one place where women interested in extreme sports can start changing their world. One place is, which focuses on the world of women in motocross, its founder having created the site due to a lack of Internet exposure.

Women are slowly breaking into the world of extreme sports, a world where men have long dominated. The more of an audience they build, the more likely it will be that interest continues to build. If you’re a young woman looking to “push the limits” maybe you should check to make sure you’re ready in every part of your life, including health insurance. Take a look at the revolutionary, comprehensive and highly affordable individual health insurance solutions created by Precedent specifically for you.