Extreme Sports and Exciting Challenges

For those who love the adrenaline rush of high impact sports, well let’s just say the more extreme the more our liking. Some get their kicks racing their motorcycles around the sweeping turns of route 66. Others prefer parachuting in a free fall from 5000 feet.

In my life I have done much and yet still somewhat envy the other extremists as they battle class 5 roaring rapids in a solo canoe, scale 20 foot over hang rocks 1100 feet above the valley below or take an aerobatic stunt plane 30 feet above the bay with only feet to clear in a knife edge maneuver through a make-shift obstacle course.

Then there are those Speed Freaks at the Drag Races on Motorcycles, Top Gun Fighter Pilots playing for keeps in combat and Jet Boat racers; hello and can you say they have the need for speed. Then there are other rich mans sports such a long-distance sailing, NASCAR and Formula One.

Obviously there are more than a few of us adrenaline junkies out there looking for action and the more dangerous and challenging the bigger the draw for real mean living life at its fullest and using up every ounce of their life experience.

You know life is too short for pansy asses and whiners. Either you have balls or you don’t and the talkers well that is all the got, because when you get out in the real world of extreme sports either you got it or you are dead.