Why Should Young and Older Folks Alike Be Treated at Arizona Alcohol Rehab Centers?

Everyone knows that people under a certain age limit should not consume alcohol. However, numerous countries have relaxed laws when it comes to underage drinking. If drinking is a part of your culture, know that boys 16 and over should not drink more than two to three glasses per occasion and their consumption should be limited to a couple of days a week. This avoids forming a habit.

Girls 16 years of age or older should not drink more than one to two glasses per occasion, and their consumption should be limited to two days a week. This also avoids the formation of an addiction to alcohol. If drinking has become a problem for you or your child, think about visiting arizona alcohol rehab centers.

Why are there different standards for younger people?

Older people are more sensitive to alcohol. This is due to the aging process, but also to the slower functioning of their liver and kidneys. As a result, lower consumption limits have been established for people 60 years old or older. For instance:

  • Men: max. 2-3 glasses a day
  • Women: 1-2 per day

People must also be prudent not to associate alcohol with drugs (even prescriptions). Some drugs can see their potency increased if taken with alcohol, while others will be much less effective.

Drink a lot on one occasion?

Drinking 15 glasses on one occasion is more than drinking 15 glasses over five days. Drinking more than six drinks in one occasion over a short period (two hours) is what experts call “binge drinking” (this can have very damaging physical consequences). This also often increases the risk of all kinds of impulsive behavior.

For all age groups:

  • Do not drink alcohol if you want to work, study or play sports.
  • It takes 60 to 90 minutes to physically assimilate a standard glass of alcohol, depending on the weight and sex of the person.

It is essential for young and old folk alike to learn about how the body uses alcohol and the differences between men and women. For those who drink a lot, experts say that taking a couple of days off in a row can help the body recover.