The Mystery Of The Missing Magnetic Monopoles

The night sky above Earth blazes with the distant fierce fires of countless stars, and when we stare up at this magnificent spectacle of stellar fireworks, we cannot help but wonder how this show came to be. What scientists know now, or at least what they think they now know, is that the Universe was born about 13,800,000,000 years ago in the Big Bang, when it began as an exquisitely small Patch, much smaller than an elementary particle, and then–in the tiniest fraction of a second–expanded exponentially to reach macroscopic size. Something–we do not know what–made that tiny Patch experience this bizarre runaway inflation. Mysteries are enticing, singing a haunting sirens’ song to those who care to listen to its captivating melody. One of the best-kept secrets of the Cosmos involves a weird hypothetical elementary particle called a magnetic monopole. According to theory, these exotic magnetic monopoles should exist somewhere in the Universe–and yet not one solitary magnetic monopole has ever been found lurking anywhere in Spacetime.

If a bar magnet is cut in half, the outcome is a duo of smaller bar magnets–and each magnet sports its own south pole and north pole. But hypothetical magnetic

Society’s Shift From Free Play to Sports

Most of us have seen the movie “The Sandlot” and remember growing up with summers filled with adventure and freedom. I think we all believe that there has been a severe shift from free play to organized sport. Many of us believe that the one of the problems is technology and another is the two extremes of parent involvement (either too involved or lack of involvement). I think that they are not only part of the problem but have a symbiotic relationship in the drive of kids from free play to organized sport or no sport. In fact, I believe that this technophile generation’s technology addiction is a symptom of the lack of parent involvement.

One of the theories of sport sociology is that sport is a reflection of society. We also can agree that sport teaches many things including cultural values, coordination, fitness, competition, how to follow rules, and at times, nationalism and reinforces them through play. As a brief look through the sports sociological portion of the sociocultural domain of sport sciences, I believe that the shift from free play to organized sport is a reflection of our current society and its drive toward the

Gwen Stefani Dives Into the World of Fragrance

Gwen Stefani has clearly defined herself by her unique talent and abilities on the music charts. She has also managed to translate her unique sense of style into her own clothing line called L.A.M.B which is an acronym she created that stands for Love, Angel, Music, Baby (she incorporates this into her song lyrics which helps solidify her brand as well). What else would possibly come next, but a new fragrance? Following in the footsteps of many other celebrity endorsed product brands including Jennifer Lopez, Stephani has made the jump into the cosmetics industry with the introduction of her new fragrance called “L”. It is suspected that this will be followed up with the other letters A, M and B, but at this point that remains to be seen.

What does the new fragrance smell like?

Apparently, Gwen wanted to create a very light, clean, refreshing green fragrance that could be worn by just about anyone. The scent may remind you of the first day of spring with just a slight hint of sexy. The top notes include: leafy water hyacinth, sparkling green freshness, violet leaves, fresh pear and white freesia. The heart or middle notes

The Story Behind Joy to the World

Vinny is 15 years old. With long hair and looks of a poet. Charming to all. Lost in his thoughts. Sitting with a laptop and surfing for music on YouTube. With some efforts a basic toy guitar was bought. Vinny, from nowhere was intensely involved with this newly found attraction. With no formal training, how did he learn guitar, many of us don’t understand. Some sweet and harsh sounds were heard from his room. Some friends were also generally in his room. Loud laughter and teen age giggle did irritate others in family. Asked where he learns, “computer”, Dad, he replied. Computer, how could it teach you guitar. Simple, very simple,” go to YouTube and type learn guitar. You will get tired of seeing too many Clips. “Can you show me how it happens? We both were watching a video, where the player was teaching how to hold Guitar and the different parts of it. The internet is reaching every house and person. The discovery of html has done real revolution. World has become a one room house. Can we actually get hang of what could happen in next 50 years? How things became too different? Shopping, music

Streetfighter Motorcycle Styles Around the World

The age-old question has been asked more and more lately. What defines a Fighter? Well, depending how many people you ask, you’ll typically get that many different answers. We’ll get the obvious out of the way. Sport oriented motorcycle removed of anything unnecessary to its function. Typically stripped of most bodywork, fitted with higher rise handlebars, smaller, lighter parts to reduce weight and as much performance mods as available to make it wicked fast. So now that we have the basic idea in our head, I’d like to expand on this view of how fighters are perceived around the world.

Let’s start with the motherland of Streetfighters. The grand old U.K. Home to Big Ben, Fish and Chips, Teatime and the Queen Mum. Some will argue it started back in the ’50’s with the Café racer. Some say true fighters begin in the early ’80’s with the bike messengers fighting London traffic and marring their fairings. Bike messengers don’t exactly make grand salaries so instead of replacing their war torn bodywork, they simply removed them.

The basic style has remained constant over the decades. Remove fairings, add flat bars, secure dual spot headlights, and kick up

Women In Texas Eye Extreme Sports As New Option

The world of extreme sports, traditionally a man’s world, is slowly opening up to women. In Texas, and the cities of Houston, Dallas and Austin, women are becoming increasingly interested in three of the six X-Game categories: speed climbing, wakeboarding and in-line skating. A group of women was also invited to demonstrate their talent in freestyle motocross and both vertical (or “vert”) and street skateboarding. Although the women showed they were capable of creating excitement in the audience with their feats, the money available to female competitors is still an issue in championship events.

At a recent Xbox World Championship of Skateboarding, for example, the top three male street skaters took home a total of $34,000, while the top three females took home $3,600.

While young women have participated in alternative and extreme sports from the very beginning, they have not been given the same recognition as their male colleagues, although many are doing their part to break through.

The category “alternative sports” may have been around for decades but only recently has it been called “extreme.” Publicity around the word “extreme” extends into the world of marketing, with the “extreme flavor” of a brand